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Pay your first tuition fee

The first step to applying is finding the perfect bachelor’s or master’s programme for you. Under Programmes, you can browse through all the programmes Porto offers for the next application round.

Apply for a visa and residence permit

Each programme will have general entry requirements and programme-specific entry requirements. Once you’ve decided which programme(s) you’d like to apply for, check both sets of requirements to determine your eligibility.


Be sure to check relevant dates and deadlines well in advance of the semester you’d like to start your studies. Generally, the application deadline will be in mid-January for the autumn semester (August), and mid-August for the spring semester (January)

Find housing

Finding a good place to live is always difficult. Portugal is no exception – getting the right accommodation can be difficult, especially in large cities. Check the classifieds of available properties:

Know more about Porto, your new city
Come to Porto ✈️

Studying in Porto gives you a unique opportunity to live and study in a city which is rich in history and naturally beautiful.