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Public transport

Porto has a rather vast and modern transport network. The metro, the train and the buses are the most important public transport; for this reason, the TIP-Transportes Intermodais do Porto was created as the entity responsible for managing the intermodal ticket for the Porto Metropolitan Area – the Andante (the ticket system intermodal uses in the transport network in Porto Metropolitan Area).

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01 Andante
Andante is the title for public transport in the Porto Metropolitan Area. Whether you travel by bus, metro or train, you can always use Andante. The price to be paid depends only on the route to be taken and not on the mode of transport you use or the number of shipments. It is modern, practical and economical – lots of transport, one ticket.

Shared mobility

Smart mobility with shared transport modes Iit’s not all yours, it’s all ours! Shared mobility and electric vehicles are realities that will expand very sharply in the next decade, and what a great challenge to create investment opportunities for this change to happen. The future mobility systems must focus on the possibility of choosing and responding to the needs of users, namely in terms of safety, comfort, speed, flexibility of transport solutions and information availability.

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