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Daily Life

Working in Porto

After graduation, why not launch your future career in Porto?

Porto. for talent

We see Porto as a terrestrial version of the International Space Station, which brings together Talent from all over the world: several nationalities working in the same place, for a better future. From Porto, the world is conquered. On the digital platform Porto. For Talent, you can find information and tools to help you land, live and work in Porto. The Porto. For Talent is currently transforming to become a more collaborative and aggregating platform, where you can find a community of companies, education/training institutions and professionals from different areas. Stay tuned. Become a Portonauta.

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Work after your studies

ScaleUp Porto was launched as a collective effort to develop a sustainable entrepreneurship ecosystem in the city of Porto.

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Cidade das Profissões (Cité des Métiers)

The Cidade das Profissões is an information and consultancy space about professional life and the labor market, promoted by Porto City Hall. Based on the “Cité des Métiers” model, created in France in the early 1990s, the Cidade das Profissões in Porto is an integral and active part of the International Network of City of Professions, currently constituted by more than 40 cities worldwide.

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